Dating By Blaine Update | Shark Tank Season 15

Dating By Blaine founder and dating coach Blaine Anderson pitched her company on Shark Tank 15. She demanded $100,000 in exchange for a 2% stake in her company.

Dating By Blaine offers dating counseling for men to help them find their ideal life partners. On Shark Tank 15, Anderson convinced a Shark to invest in her company.

Mark Cuban offered $100,000 in exchange for 10% equity, and the founder agreed in front of camera. But did this deal actually happen off the camera?

It has been a few months since the episode aired, and we’ve got some fresh Dating By Blaine update.

Founder of Dating By Blaine presenting on Shark Tank with a romantic setup, including a table for two and happy couple portraits, showcasing the dating service's success
Company NameDating By Blaine
FounderBlaine Anderson
BusinessDating coach services for men
Ask$100,000 for 2% equity
Deal$100,000 for 10% equity
SharksMark Cuban

Dating By Blaine Shark Tank Update

Dating By Blaine secured a deal in Shark Tank 15. Mark Cuban agreed to invest $100,000 in exchange for 10% equity in Anderson’s business.

We got a chance to interview Blaine Anderson and we asked about their experience after Shark Tank.

In terms of Dating By Blaine update on agreement with Mark, Blaine shared that they are still in negotiations and she’s optimistic she will able to close the deal in upcoming weeks.

We asked about their revenue boost after appearance on the show, Blaine said “My site traffic was skyrocketing the day the episode aired, and it lasted for couple of days. Our customer base increased and we achieved $2.2 million in revenue against projected $1.5 million by December 2023.”

In terms of social presence, Blaine is featured in major publications like the New York Times, Forbes, WSJ, and Psych Today. Her Instagram page has over 600K followers and she regularly posting relationship tips for men.

As of March 2024, Dating By Blaine is still in business but agreement between the founder and Mark Cuban is inevident! We’ll let you know if we get more news on the Dating By Blaine update.

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About Dating By Blaine

Blaine Anderson is the founder and CEO of Dating By Blaine. She claims that in the day and age of swiping and texting, for many people finding love is not so easy.

Many men often don’t have any flirting skills or don’t know what to talk about on a date. They hesitate and ultimately destroy their chances of landing a second date.

Dating By Blaine has various courses to teach men what to do in such situations. They have a texting course that can help men land a date just by texting.

The founder says that she has devoted he work to helping single men build the skills they need to attract fantastic partners.

Dating By Blaine Shark Tank Pitch Recap

Blaine Anderson appeared on Shark Tank 15 and started her pitch with an ask of $100,000 in exchange of 2% stake in Dating By Blaine. The Sharks were curious to know more about her business.

Lori: Since, how many years have you been doing this? And, what are your sales?

Founder: I started mid-way through 2020, and my overall sales are about $2.2 million. I did $22,000 in the first six months of my business. In 2021, I made $484,000 in sales, and in 2022, I made $1 million.

Michael then inquired about the exact business model and how much they charge. The founder revealed that their primary course is Dating Masterclass, sold for $1,295.

It is an online pre-recorded course that allows the customer to watch it at his own pace. It includes a small amount of one-on-one interaction.

Kevin: Is it just you doing this, or do you have staff?

Founder: I am the only full-time employee. I have some contractors.

Lori: I am curious why you are not doing this for women.

The founder said, she wasn’t sure if she wanted to work with just men initially, but from a marketing perspective, she had to narrow down the audience.

Kevin: So, what makes you the expert on love?

Founder: I love love. So, first, since I was a kid, I was so interested in relationships. But I didn’t see it as a career option. I was actually working in the travel industry, but when the Pandemic hit, I became unemployed.

Founder: This is when my husband suggested I start a course on this issue. It is infinitely scalable.

Barbara then asked if there were any significant players in this business.

Founder: Yes, there are competitors, and there are other dating coaches, too. But I am the leader in this space.

Michael: My question is, is a dating coach not a scalable business versus if you could turn this into a scalable product?

The founder agreed with this remark. She also said that her courses are incredibly scalable.

Mark: So, break it down for us. What’s scalable and what’s not? One-on-one coaching is definitely not scalable.

Founder: Yes, it’s not scalable. I actually charge $6,295 for six 45 minutes sessions.

Mark: But how much did you sell in total? How many courses did you sell?

The founder said that she’s unsure about the exact number of courses and one-on-one sessions that she has sold.

Mark: That’s a Shark Tank ‘No-No’.

Kevin said that the founder is not sharp on her numbers. He then asked about the margins.

Founder: In 2022, I made around $500,000 in profit. But, there was a very big one-time expense that won’t be re-occurring.

Michael: Why do you need a shark then?

The founder said that she needs a Shark who is looked up to by men. She needs a face that can familiarise her with the notion that taking dating courses is fine and nothing to be ashamed of.

Michael: The problem I have is I think you’re a consultant. I don’t see this as a scalable product. I am out.

Barbara and Lori also left the deal since the founder clearly said that she needed a man in this deal.

Kevin made an offer of $100,000 for a 15% stake.

Mark: Look, I am the luckiest guy in the world. But I was also on the other side of it when I was young and couldn’t talk to girls. So, I see the value in your product. But, you have to tell me a number that makes it worth it for me to invest.

Mark then offered to invest $100,000 for a 10% stake. The founder quickly agreed as she was looking forward to somehow getting Mark on board.

Final Words

Dating By Blaine got a deal on Shark Tank 15 from Mark Cuban. They also got a lot of attention from the viewers. This one appearance on Shark Tank will surely do more good than harm for their business.

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