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The founders of Arata, Dhruv Bhasin, and Dhruv Madhok, pitched on Shark Tank India to get funding for the expansion of their business. They came with an ask of ₹1 crore for 1.25% equity.

Arata is a natural hair care brand that started in 2017, and it has a good customer base from various states of India.

They have products for curly hair, frizzy hair, and damaged hair. The founder’s aim is to make Arata India’s best-selling hair care brand.

Will any shark invest in Arata? Read this Shark Tank India (S3E10) recap to know everything that happened on the show.

About Arata

Arata Founders Dhruv Bhasin and Dhruv Medhok on Shark Tank India

Dhruv Bhasin and Dhruv Madhok started this company in 2017. Both founders are well-educated in business studies.

Dhruv Madhok has completed his B.Sc in Business Administration and Entrepreneurship from the Marshall School of Business. He also did an exchange program at the London School of Economics.

Co-founder Dhruv Bhasin has done B.Sc from Lancaster University and M.Sc from the University of Surrey.

Arata is achieving significant sales primarily through its website, but its strong presence extends to popular e-commerce platforms such as Amazon and Flipkart.

The company is trying to broaden its reach and establish a loyal consumer base in the coming years. They plan to achieve this by introducing a range of innovative hair care solutions.

Arata Shark Tank India Deal

Company NameArata
FoundersDhruv Bhasin and Dhruv Madhok
ProductsHair care products
Price₹102 to ₹4,439
Ask₹1 crore for 1.25% equity
Deal₹1 crore for 1.33% equity with 0.67% Advisory Equity
SharksVineeta Singh and Namita Thapar

Arata Shark Tank India (Season 3) Recap

At the beginning of their pitch, both the founders went on to talk about how Arata has a stack of so many unique products that are not only made from natural ingredients but also don’t have any side effects on the user.

They further elaborated on their sales channels. They revealed a dual marketing approach through their official website and various online marketplaces.

According to the founders, Arata has successfully assisted over 8 lakh customers in enhancing their hair health through a diverse range of over 50 products.

The founders put forth a proposal, seeking ₹1 crore for a 1.25% equity stake, valuing their company at ₹80 crores.

Then, Arata received a joint offer from Namita and Vineeta, which the founders accepted after presenting a counteroffer.

Finally, Arata successfully secured funding of ₹1 crore from Namita Thapar and Vineeta Singh during their appearance on Shark Tank India.

Who are the Founders of Arata?

Dhruv Bhasin and Dhruv Madhok serve as the co-founders of Arata. Both are qualified for a B.Sc in Business Administration and have entrepreneurial experience.

What is Arata’s Valuation in Shark Tank?

During their appearance on Shark Tank India, Arata successfully secured funding at a valuation of ₹75 crores.

What products does Arata Make?

Arata provides a range of products tailored to different hair needs, including solutions for curly and damaged hair. Additionally, they offer dedicated products explicitly designed to address issues related to hair fall.

Is Arata From Shark Tank India a Profitable Brand?

No, Arata is a loss-making hair care company, but in September 2023, they saw an EBITDA level profitability of around 4%.

Final Words

After their appearance on Shark Tank India, it is anticipated that Arata will experience a significant surge in sales in the upcoming months. The exposure will also contribute to the establishment of a trustworthy hair care brand in India.

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