Jay’s Pet Butter Update 2024 | Shark Tank Season 15

Jay Cutler and his business partner Brandan Fokken reached in Shark Tank Season 15. Both entrepreneurs pitched the sharks with the ask of $50,000 for 10% of their pet product business equity. Will the Sharks invest in a pet food startup? Find out in our Jay’s Pet Butter update.

Jay’s Pet Butter Shark Tank (S15E12)

Jay Catler and Brandan Fokken on Shark Tank

Jay’s Pet Butter is a pet food startup selling tasty and healthy peanut butter for dogs. Company founders Jay Cutler and Brandan Fokken pitched on the Shark Tank show for a $50,000 investment to expand their business.

Jay is a pet lover, and he likes dogs very much. While demonstrating his product on the show, he ate the same peanut butter that his dog ate, showcasing that this product is safe for humans, too.

Jay is a professional bodybuilder and a Mr. Olympia winner four times. The Shark Tank judges were impressed and appreciated the physique that he built in 2009.

About Jay’s Pet Butter Company

Jay’s Pet Butter company was started around ten months ago (in April 2023), and till now, they’ve done around $39,000 in sales. The company produces healthy and tasty peanut butter for pets.

Currently, they’re selling their four products through online platform:

  1. Blueberry and Sweet Potato
  2. Banana Chips, Flax Seeds, and Glucosamine
  3. Bacon Bits
  4. Dessert Dough

Jay and Brandon are influencers with many followers on their social media accounts. Jay’s Instagram profile has over 5.4 million, and Fokken’s Instagram has 105K followers.

The current pet product market is crowded with unhealthy ingredients like salt, sugar, hydrogenated oils, and xylitol, which are problematic for dogs. So, this company is creating a unique presence among pet lovers.

Jay’s Pet Butter Shark Tank Season 15 (Episode 12)

Company NameJay’s Pet Butter
FoundersJay Cutler and Brandon Fokken
ProductsHealthy peanut butter for dogs
Price$13.99 to $14.99
Sales$39,000 sales in 10 months
Ask$50,000 for 10% equity
Final DealNo Deals
Shark Tank EpisodeSeason 15 (Episode 12)

Jay’s Pet Butter Shark Tank Season 15 (Episode 12) Recap

In this episode of Shark Tank Global, Jay Cutler and Brandon Fokken enter the tank seeking a $50,000 investment in exchange for a 10% equity stake in their company, Jay’s Pet Butter.

Founded in 2022, the dynamic duo developed a unique product – healthy and tasty dog peanut butter.

Kevin O’Leary wastes no time and dives into business, inquiring about their sales figures. It turns out that Jay’s Pet Butter retails for $14.99 per jar and costs just $3.10 to produce.

Brandon shares their journey, revealing that they managed to secure an impressive deal with Hyvee soon after their launch, landing their product on the shelves of 80 Hyvee locations.

Their success didn’t stop there; a major warehouse chain showed interest in distributing their product in 80 of their Northwest region outlets.

Their strong social media following also played an important role, helping them generate $39,000 in sales from their loyal followers.

However, things took an unexpected turn when they encountered shipping delays, causing a hiccup in their otherwise promising trajectory.

Mark Cuban, always with an eye for a unique offering, takes a moment to compliment the taste of Jay’s Pet Butter.

However, realizing that it might take time for customers to appreciate the product’s value fully, he decides to bow out of the deal.

Lori Greiner expresses her interest but soon realizes a personal limitation – she cannot have peanuts. This dietary restriction forces her to reluctantly drop out, as she cannot fully endorse a product she cannot consume.

Guest shark Daniel Lubetzky, known for his success in the food industry, expresses his admiration for the entrepreneurs but ultimately decides that this business doesn’t align with his interests, making him the third shark to exit.

Daymond John, the fashion mogul, shares his thoughts, stating that he doesn’t see how to contribute to the business.

He also believes that entrepreneurs don’t necessarily need a shark to succeed. With that, he becomes the fourth shark to bow out.

With only Kevin O’Leary remaining in the tank, he makes an offer – $50,000 for no equity, but he wants a royalty of $1 for every jar of pet butter sold in perpetuity.

Encouraged by the other sharks to counteroffer, the entrepreneurs decide to go in a different direction. Rather than negotiating, they opt to dismiss Kevin O’Leary’s offer altogether.

With that, Jay’s Pet Butter leaves the Shark Tank set, and their entrepreneurial journey continues despite the missed opportunity with the sharks.

This episode of Shark Tank Global showcased the ups and downs of entrepreneurship, reminding us that sometimes, the best deal is the one you walk away from, and success can be achieved without the backing of the sharks.

Will Jay’s Pet Butter founders Jay Cutler and Brandan Fokken succeed in their entrepreneurial journey despite no deal on the Shark Tank show? Continue reading Jay’s Pet Butter update to find out.

This episode was aired on January 26, 2023, and it’s too early to share how everything goes about this company.

However, the company that appeared on the Shark Tank shows has shown a massive boost in customer acquisitions and sales after airing the episode.

Hopefully, with the help of a large number of social media followers, Jay and Brandan will market their company among pet lovers.

Currently, the company is running, and its products are available at jayspetbutter.com. If you’re a dog lover and want a healthy treat for your pet, then you should check out their website.

However, we promise you to provide future updates about this company on this website. Stay tuned for more updates about Jay’s Pet Butter business.

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