The Baby Toon Update | Shark Tank Season 11

Cassidy Crowley, a ten-year-old girl from Hawaii, appeared on Shark Tank Season 11 to represent her self-designed baby product, The Baby Toon! The Baby Toon is a rectangular-shaped baby spoon that also acts as a teether.

It is made of 100% soft silicone with no sharp edges, making it gentle on babies’ gums, and it works great for teething. The rectangular shape of this infant spoon makes it easy for babies to grasp and self-feed.

The Sharks were amazed by young Cassidy’s creative invention, determination, and wonderful presentation.

Particularly, Lori Greiner was immensely impressed by young Cassidy’s innovation, and she made an investment of $50,000 for 50% equity which Cassidy asked for.

After Cassidy Crowley closed a deal with Lori Greiner on Shark Tank, The Baby Toon became an overnight success!

Under the guidance of Lori Greiner, the company signed a licensing deal with the famous baby brand Munchkin. It’s been four years since that memorable episode aired, and here’s an update on The Baby Toon after Shark Tank!

Baby Toon Founder on Shark Tank
Company NameThe Baby Toon
FounderCassidy Crowley
ProductToodler spoon
Ask$50,000 for 50% equity
Deal$50,000 for 50% equity
SharksLori Greiner

The Baby Toon Update After Shark Tank

The Baby Toon got a deal in Shark Tank from Lori Greiner at the original ask. After three months, Lori’s team helped to grow this business, and The Baby Toon partnered with Munchkin.

After this partnership, the manufacturing cost decreased, and the product price came from $15 to $6. Because of affordable pricing and huge popularity, The Baby Toon recorded exponential growth in revenue.

As of March 2024, The Baby Toon is doing great business, and its whooping annual revenue is more than $1.5 million. The Baby Toon products are available in over 5000 stores of Munchkin along with Amazon and other ecommecre portals.

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About the Company

Cassidy Crowley, an Aina Haina Elementary School student in Hawaii, invented and developed The Baby Toon. 

While studying in grade 1, 7-year-old Cassidy participated in the Honolulu District Science Fair. There, she had a task to solve a problem.

Cassidy noticed that while trying to feed her baby sister, Emily, her mother, Lory, was facing some difficulties. Actually, Lory was getting worried that she might accidentally poke her toddler’s teeth.

After identifying this problem, Cassidy wanted to design a product that could put an end to the sharp and hard design of a conventional baby spoon.

Cassidy came up with the idea of creating The Baby Toon when she was looking for a way to prevent her sister from swallowing the hard end of a spoon.

After gaining a lot of attention at the science event, Cassidy introduced her invention, The Baby Toon, into the market.

The Baby Toon is a rectangular feeding tool for babies that joins a small spoon with a soft silicone-based teether.

Due to its soft material and short neck, The Baby Toon wipes out the risks of choking and injury that can accompany normal spoons. Also, babies can easily hold it with their tiny hands.

Additionally, you can put a pacifier clip around the baby toon and attach it to the baby’s clothes. In this way, babies can’t throw their baby toon on the floor.

Initially, the making cost of The Baby Toon was $6.60, and the selling price was $15.

Presently, The Baby Toon is available in three cute shapes and colors, which are Blue Koala, Lime Alligator, and Mint Elephant, and the prices of these products are around $6.

The Baby Toon is made in the USA and is currently available on Munchkin, Amazon, and other retail stores around the US.

The Baby Toon Shark Tank Pitch Recap

Ten-year-old entrepreneur Cassidy Crowley pitched her company, The Baby Toon, and demanded $50,000 for a 50% stake.

Alongside her mother, Lory Crowley, Cassidy came to Shark Tank and demonstrated the features of her invented baby spoon for infants, The Baby Toon.

Cassidy then shared the samples of the Baby Toon with Sharks so that they could use it to eat Poi, a Hawaiian baby food that she brought along.

She then displayed the prototype of the Baby Toon, which she had previously created for the science fair organized at her school.

After her presentation, the Sharks started asking questions, and Cassidy confidently answered them.

Guest Shark Daniel Lubetzky asked, “So, are you selling it already?”

She informed the Sharks that she was selling her product, and since September 2018, she has had $5000 in sales.

Robert Harjavec asked why she offered a 50% stake in her company.

Cassidy replied that being a 10-year-old kid, she still needed to go to school. That’s why she was looking for a business partner to assist her in her ventures.

Mark Cuban applauded Cassidy for her incredible accomplishment at such an early age. However, he said, “The challenge I have is just it’s really not a fit for me.” and so he’s out.

Robert asked Cassidy, “Do you have a patent on it?”

To that, she confirmed that there are patents on her product.

Daniel said, “You’re so impressive,” but not having enough knowledge of baby space, he went out next.

Kevin O’Leary also goes out because he found it too early to invest.

Lori Greiner was immensely impressed with Cassidy, and she went on to make a deal.

Lory said, “I have to be along with this journey” and she offered $50,000 for 50% equity in The Baby Toon, exactly what Cassidy asked for.

Without any hesitation and prior to hearing from the remaining Sharks, Cassidy accepted Lori’s offer.

Then, Kevin allowed Cassidy to sit in his seat, so she could feel what being a shark is like.

After that, Cassidy and her mom happily left the Shark Tank with a deal for The Baby Toon.


Cassidy Crowley developed The Baby Toon, considering her baby sister, and she turned it into a successful business. The product is loved by guardians all around the nation.

The sharks were fascinated by Cassidy’s entrepreneurial spirit, and eventually, she was able to onboard Lori Greiner for her baby spoon brand. Apart from The Baby Toon, Cassidy Crowley seems to have a splendid future ahead.

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