Cup a Bug Update | Shark Tank Season 15

Many innovative ideas came on Shark Tank (Season 15), and Cup-A-Bug is one of them. Cup-a-Bug is a device that you can use to catch a bug safely. You can then release the bug from your house without killing it.

Justin is an innovative mechanical engineer, and the sharks were impressed with his innovations. Will the Sharks consider this business investment-worthy, and what happened after Shark Tank? Let’s find out in this Cup-A-Bug pitch recap and update!

Cup-A-Bug Founder on Shark Tank

If you’re in a hurry and not interested in knowing the company or founders’ story, here’s a brief overview of what happened to Cup-a-Bug after Shark Tank.

Justin Huang pitched in Shark Tank Season 15 and got a deal from Mark Cuban. Justin’s original ask was $50,000 for 10% equity, but Mark offered him $75,000 for 20% equity.

In terms of company updates, Cup-A-Bug has seen a nice boost in sales after the airing of this episode on television. Many clips went viral on social media platforms, and his brand received immense popularity.

Our team follows entrepreneurs who appeared in Shark Tank and monitors their progress. We’re trying to gather more information about the funding and company growth. You’ll get all updates here as we receive more details from Justin Huang.

Company NameCup-A-Bug
FoundersJustin Huang
ProductBug catcher stick
Ask$50,000 for 10% equity
Deal$75,000 for 20% equity
SharksMark Cuban

About The Company 

Justin Huang is the founder and CEO of Cup A Bug. Justin is a mechanical engineer by profession in Astro Flight. He specializes in developing valuable, cost-effective products, applying his expertise across mechanical, electrical, manufacturing, and software engineering.

As a skillful engineer and a passionate entrepreneur, Huang founded his company in 2022. Cup-A-Bug offers an inventive, humane method for catching and discharging unwanted insects seen around the home.

This bug-catching device includes a cup connected to a long stick with a pivot mechanism. This permits customers to catch bugs from different angles and places that are hard to reach.

The design is based on the classic technique of using a cup and paper to catch bugs; however, it has added qualities to improve efficiency and usability.

The brush attached to the end of the cup simplifies the process of trapping bugs hiding in corners or on ceilings. 

You need to place the cup over the insect and pull the lever. This shuts a floor under the bug, trapping it inside.

Once caught, bugs can be securely released outside without any harm. Unlike bug-catching techniques that frequently include crushing, swatting, or using chemical substances, the Cup a Bug offers a gentle, non-dead solution.

This makes it optimal for homes with children and pets, ending concerns over toxins or electricity.

Understanding that a cup on a pole would help him maintain distance while humanely catching insects, Huang created 3D-printed prototypes.

The concept resonated with other bug-fearing individuals, convincing Huang of Cup a Bug’s market potential.

As far as expenses, it costs Justin about $10 to manufacture and another $7 to ship the products. He then retails the Cup-A-Bug for $40. Cup a Bug’s net worth is assessed at $0.5 million.

Cup-A-Bug is only accessible for purchase through the official website and Amazon.

Cup-a-Bug Shark Tank Pitch

Justin Huang pitched his business Cup-A-Bug and asked for $50,000 for 10% equity. 

Huang showcased the product to the Sharks and explained how he wanted to make it more helpful to catch bugs than to kill them. That was the reason behind him creating this device.

The Sharks took an interest immediately, particularly Mark Cuban, who said he’s the resident bug catcher in his home. He liked the item and wanted to get right down to business.

Robert Herjavec asked for some information about sales. To that, Justin said he did a Kickstarter, which sold around 800 units, up to approximately $28,000. Then, 30 months before filming, he started selling the item and has sold about 1,200 units.

Justin worked hard to design the Cup A Bug and loves inventing new items. He even provided the Sharks with a unique invention he made solely for them, launching little items.

Mark rushed to make an offer in one of the quickest pitches of the season. He offered $50,000 for 20% equity in Justin and any future inventions he makes.

At the same time, Daymond John jumped in and said, “I’ll do the same.” and matched Mark’s offer. Right after, Daymond countered with $60,000 for 30% equity.

Daymond suggested going in with Mark, but instead of agreeing, Mark said, “No! I want it all to myself.”

Justin asked the two Sharks if either would be willing to increase equity. To that, Mark offered more money. Justin ultimately decided to accept his new offer of $75,000 for 20% equity.

Cup-a-Bug Update After Shark Tank

Huang’s diverse skills allow him to direct every stage of bringing Cup-A-Bug from concept to reality. His experience has given remarkable insights of knowledge into designing, prototyping, manufacturing, and marketing the innovative insect catcher.

After appearing on Shark Tank, Cup-A-Bug has gained attention from many viewers. As a result, Cup A Bug witnessed a tremendous increase in sales.

We hope that Mark and Justin’s entrepreneurial experience will bring more innovative products that make human life much easier. Our team is following up with Justin Haung, and we’ll update you as we get more details.

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Mark Cuban invested $75,000 in Justin Huang’s innovative ideas and skills. Cup-A-Bug has addressed a typical household issue. We’re hoping that Justin will continue to create products using his engineering knowledge that help people in simple and affordable ways.

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