Dogue Update | Shark Tank Season 15

In Shark Tank S15E15, Rahmi Massarweh and Alejandra Vasquez introduced their dog food brand Dogue with an ask of $100,000 for 20% equity.

Dogue sells delicious and healthy desserts and dishes and also have restaurants for dogs.

Will the sharks find Dogue an investable business, and what happened after Shark Tank? Here’s your Dogue Shark Tank pitch and company update!

If you don’t have time to read the whole story, here’s a brief overview of what happened to Dogue after Shark Tank!

Dogue founders Rahmi and Alejandra appeared in Shark Tank (Season 15) and left without a deal in the show. The sharks think the dog food business is highly crowded, and there’s very little scope for scalability.

In terms of the Dogue update, the founders couldn’t raise any investment in the tank, but they’ve soft commitment from other investors. Our team will follow-up company founders and will update this article if we get more details.

Dogue Founder on Shark Tank
Comany NameDogue
FoundersRahmi Massarweh, Alejandra Vasquez
ProductDog food products
Ask$100,000 for 20% equity
DealNo deal
SharksNo shark

About the company

Rahmi Massarweh is a professional chef and co-founder of Dogue. He began this business alongside his wife Alejandra Vasquez.

The founders started this company after adopting their first dog, an old english mastiff named Grizzly.

As food professionals and trained chefs, Massarweh and Vasquez wanted to take care of Grizzly the best and feed the highest quality food possible.

This led them to start making small-batch, high-quality, fresh food using natural ingredients.

In 2015, Dogue Dog Food formally launched to offer fresh, seasonal dog food and treats to clients in the San Francisco region.

The company runs a storefront on Fillmore Street, where they produce and sell their dog food items. Customers can likewise order Dogue’s Dog food online and have it delivered.

Dogue creates its recipes using pasture-raised, grass-fed meats, organically produced meats, and ethically sources wild meats.

As carnivores, it is good for dogs to eat diets high in quality animal proteins. Dogue focuses on a dog’s biology and makes nutritionally adjusted meals from ingredients they would normally eat in the wild.

To preserve nutrients, Dogue minimally processes its fresh food. It contains no preservatives, fillers, or other harmful ingredients usually found in commercial pet food varieties.

Dogue’s fresh food provides a variety of health benefits including better digestion, energy and vitality, relief from food sensitivities, better weight management, and also better skin and coats.

One unique aspect of Dogue’s services is their “Pawtisserie” – a selection of dog-friendly treats and pastries.

These Instagram-worthy baked foods totally look like any other delicious pastries or cakes available in the market. However, these nutritious snacks for dogs incorporate healthy ingredients such as coconut oil, cocoa powder, almond flour, and turmeric. 

The cost of a packaged dog meal is around $2, and the retail price is $8. Though a cake can cost around $0.85 to make, and afterward retails for $15. Dogue’s net worth is assessed at $0.1 million.

Alongside their retail shop and the online store, Dogue additionally offers completely customized meal plans for dogs with specific dietary requirements.

Their bespoke plans are custom-fitted to a dog’s age, weight, activity level, and any food allergies or sensitivities. Every dog meal is portioned specifically for the individual dog.

From Monday to Friday, Dogue is a Fresh Food Shop. On Sundays, Dogue turns itself into Bone Appétit Cafe, a restaurant for dogs only.

Dogue Shark Tank Pitch and Recap

Dogue founders Rahmi Massarweh and Alejandra Vasquez pitched in Shark Tank with an ask of $100,000 for 20% equity. 

They showcased their wonderful Dogue-branded specialty treats and pastries. The Sharks were stunned to hear about the ingredients, including elk, cuttlefish, etc.

During their pitch, they brought in their giant mastiff dog, who tasted a slice of ‘cake’ from his mom and dad —demonstrating that dogs loved their offered food.

While being asked about their overall sales, Rahmi revealed that they’ve had the restaurant for around a year and got around $20,000 a month in sales.

However, when it comes to profit, they’ve essentially reached their break-even. Rahmi added that the majority of sales come from their pre-packaged, raw dog food.

The couple needed help from the sharks to promote and sell their desert line all over the country.

Lori Greiner said, “I don’t see this as something that is really scalable.”

She also considered that the products can’t be shipped nationwide. She said it was “too difficult and too costly,” and for all those reasons, she’s out.

Mark Cuban agreed with Lori regarding scalability, and for that reason he went out.

Kevin O’Leary thought the idea with pastries was “absolutely inexplicable and fantastic” and also believed that after seeing it on Shark Tank, the Americans would love it. However, he had concerns about the shipment of products, so he’s also out.

Daymond John stated that the frozen products would be very challenging to get into retail. He advised the couple to focus on their direct to consumer sales in their location, and ultimately didn’t invest.

Robert Herjavec was the only shark remaining. Unfortunately, he didn’t think the couple had a proper plan set up for their business to move forward with. So he goes out as well.

Ultimately, Rahmi and Alejandra couldn’t onboard a Shark for their business and had to leave without a deal.

Dogue Shark Tank Update

Dogue got no deal in Shark Tank (Season 15), but Rahmi Massarweh and Alejandra Vasquez will surely pitch to other investors. Shark Tank Clips consistently provides updates and follow-ups about the company that appeared on Shark Tank.

Although it’s too early to get any updates but our team will follow-up Rahmi Massarweh and Alejandra Vasquez to get more details about Dogue sales and funding. Shark Tank is a popular platform and we are sure that Dogue has seen nice boost in sales after airing of the episode. As soon as we get new updates about funding, we’ll provide all details here.

More company updates from Shark Tank Season 15:


Dogue intends to provide a healthy diet for dogs by modifying pet food and feeding one fresh, seasonal meal at a time. While Rahmi Massarweh and Alejandra Vasquez left without any offer from Sharks, the visibility Dogue received from Shark Tank will definitely boost their sales and popularity.

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