The Rage Room Update | Shark Tank India Season 03

We have seen a lot of innovative and out-of-the-box startup ideas in Shark Tank India Season 3. The Rage Room is probably the most unique and distinctive.

Game Rooms are typically for kids. But the Rage Room is for all, especially for people who want to vent their anger without hurting anyone.

This unique and fun brand recently appeared on Shark Tank India, seeking ₹20 lakh for 30% equity. In this article, you’ll discover what happened to The Rage Room after Shark Tank!

Rage Room Founder on Shark Tank India

What Happened To The Rage Room After Shark Tank?

The Rage Room founder appeared in Shark Tank India, seeking ₹20 lakh for 30% equity. Unfortunately, no judges found this business idea investible, and the founder left the shark tank without any deal. However, the show gained good exposure among Indian viewers, which helped the brand grow its revenue.

As of March 2024, The Rage Room website is live, and the Instagram page has around 3300 followers. Venkat is actively looking for an investor to expand his business in other metro cities.

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Company NameThe Rage Room
FoundersPusarla Venkat Suraj
ProductAnger management
Ask₹20 lakh for 30% equity
DealNo deal
SharksNo shark

What is The Rage Room?

Pusarla Venkat Suraj founded Rage Room in 2022. It is a place where people can vent their anger on objects. It is therapeutic for people with anger management issues.

People usually have a lot of emotions suppressed, which directly affects their mental health and leads to depression.

This is where the founder saw an opportunity to design a room where people could vent their stress and anger by randomly throwing and destroying random objects, and no one would judge them.

He started the Rage Room, where people can destroy and manhandle everyday objects like bottles, fridges, washing machines, TVs, air conditioners, etc.

The founder claims that with Rage Room, we can decrease daily unnecessary violence by taking out our anger before dealing with people who could generally trigger Rage within us.

Rage Room is currently operational in Hyderabad, and customers have already destroyed about 500+ Products. The vision behind Rage Room is to provide customers with an utterly destructive experience they will not forget for a long time.

Rage Room Shark Tank India Pitch

The founder started the Pitch with an Ask of about ₹20 lakhs for 30% equity at a valuation of approximately ₹66.67 Lakhs.

Peyush: How did you even get this idea?

Aman: We definitely need this in Delhi urgently.

The founder said that they would open their next room in Delhi after the deal was over.

Vineeta: I really liked your idea. This is highly unique. But you look like a perfect gentleman. What happened to you that needed to create such a room where people can take out their anger?

The founder explained that he has had short-tempered issues since childhood. He even used to break mobile phones in Rage. And always felt better after destroying things. This gave him the idea of Rage Room.

Vineeta: Wow. How can someone break his phone in Rage?

Founder: Actually, I am using my 30th phone now. I have broken 29 before.

Anupam then pointed out that if you are using your 30th phone, you still have some rage. And the problem is not gone even after destroying things.

The founder said that it helps gradually and has no sudden positive impact.

Anupam: Did you do any counseling or something? Is your Rage Room better than actual counseling?

Founder: For me personally, Rage Room has helped me heal better than counseling. It is also available to me whenever I need it.

Aman: But, this concept of Rage Room already exists in Germany and likewise. I have seen people destroy cars and buses over there.

The founder said that the concept already existed. But, he was unaware of it. He got the idea randomly in a dream.

Founder: I started executing my idea after 12-13 days of that dream.

The sharks then went to try Rage Room themselves. They destroyed a lot of stuff. And completely ravaged everything that came in their way.

Aman shared his room that his anger was actually increasing as he was inside the room.

Founder: You have a lot of suppressed anger, which started to emerge.

Aman: Yeah, that is a bit true.

The founder then explained that they asked their customers to sign a waiver form before entering the room, which is why Rage Room has not seen any incidents till now.

Founder: We also have a splash room for people who dislike breaking things. They can splash colors only.

Peyush: But why didn’t you mention it before? Did you forget?

The founder said that Rage Room is actually much more than anger management. Their customers visit them for fun, especially those who want to try new things.

Founder: Until now, we are doing ₹1.6 lakhs in sales, with a gross margin of 30-35%.

Aman: I really liked your idea. But I am out since you are doing it part-time.

Namita also went out because the Rage Room seems to misguide people as an anger management activity, but they should promote it as fun.

Vineeta also went out for the same reason. Anupam told the founder that his actions were extremely irresponsible and naive. He won’t be able to partake in it.

Peyush: I don’t think this is investible. I am also out.

Ultimately, The Rage Room didn’t get any funding for Shark Tank India.

Final Words

Rage Room may look like a fun-to-do activity. But, it may also misguide many to believe that this may be an alternative to therapy, which it is not.

Also, the founder is running the business part-time and has no vision. This is why sharks stay away from it, as they don’t want to invest in a controversial product with no strong mind behind it.

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